Osage – Cartridge – Fruity Pebbles – .5G


96.9% THC / 0.00% CBD

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FPOG, formerly referred to as Fruity Pebbles OG, originated in 2006 and was bred by the California-based Alien Genetics team. The cultivar descends from a Granddaddy Purple x Green Ribbon hybrid combined with Tahoe Alien pollen (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush). The original hybrid from Alien Genetics was intended as a limited release, but FPOG was so popular that other growers quickly began cultivating their own plants. Online sources claim that FPOG’s conical, densely packed buds and reported sedative effects suggest an indica heritage. The strain has massive bud appeal, with high levels of anthocyanins that create FPOG’s contrasting purple, red, and green coloring. FPOG seeds and clones cost a pretty penny and therefore may be best left to more seasoned growers. Depending on the phenotype, this cultivar can grow tall and require ample growing space and topping. FPOG typically blooms in 8-9 weeks, producing a bouquet of terpenes that reminds users of the eponymous cereal.